We offer specific recruiting and hiring packages as well as a variety of HR services.

Rush Recruiting & HR helps Portland Metro area businesses develop and maintain strong and productive employees by providing the following professional services: employee recruiting, hiring, orientation, performance management, and employee reviews

Recruiting & Hiring Services

Every business owner wants to have time for it all. But as your business grows, you do not have the time or resources to do many of the tasks your growing business needs. Calling in the human resource professionals is a great way to keep your energies on growing your business and allowing us to step in and help you in our areas of expertise.

Our clients require a range of recruiting and hiring services depending on the level of hire they need. Whether you are searching for an entry-level or senior executive, we tailor our services to suit your objectives.

We work hard to learn your employee culture so we can find someone who is an ideal fit for your organization. We specialize in small and medium-sized businesses with a family culture, and we know how important it is for you to have employees who are multi-faceted and willing to roll up their sleeves to do what is needed for your company’s success.

Each package is comprised of a mix of elements from the list below. Your specific package will depend on your unique company needs.

  • Composing and placing job postings on all appropriate sites
  • Conducting an extensive search for qualified candidates using multiple networks to find and analyze each potential hire
  • Leading extensive in-person behavioral interviews for all candidates
  • Providing clients with interviewee summaries, job history, and pertinent experience in order to find the right fit for the position
  • Presenting top candidates with findings from interviews and background checks to your management team
  • Performing full background checks including references and criminal background checks
  • Once Hired: Conducting employee orientation, including review of handbook, job orientation, signing paperwork, delivering work expectations
  • Rush Recruiting & HR Guaranteed Placement.
    If the company terminates the employee within the first 90-days of employment, the subsequent candidate search is half of the original fee.

Human Resources Services

Portland Oregon Recruiting and outsourced HR services

It is crucial for employers to learn how to manage the Human Resources side of the business, but they are often too busy to do this.

In that case, managing this area can mean bringing in professionals that take care of or teach the business owner how to do the tasks related to creating employee expectations, performance management and other employee services tasks.

Our Service Offering typically includes a portion or all of the items listed below, but is dependent on what your company requires:

  • Employee handbook or revision
  • Position descriptions
  • Performance review templates
  • Performance review reminders
  • Employee goal-setting /expectations
  • Employee performance/coaching templates
  • New employee on-boarding/orientation
  • Consulting on employee-related issues