4 Advantages of Outsourcing a Pro to Recruit and Hire for your Company

Hiring a new employee is a significant investment of time, effort and resources for any small business. With limited resources, it is an investment that one should not, and cannot afford, to take lightly. The decision to outsource hr tasks to a professional can be of huge benefit to small business owners, company productivity and the sanity of all involved. Below you will find 4 important advantages of outsourcing a pro to recruit and hire for your company.

Save time for the business owner and/or other decision makers. When a small business owner, a manager or an executive have to act as a hiring manager, productivity can take a hit. The time and effort required to recruit, filter resumes, conduct multiple interviews and train a potential new employee will take them out of their day-to-day thinking and functions. Their focus and energy is no longer on operations, productivity or leadership, but rather on the stack of resumes on their desk. Additionally, many small business owners and managers don’t truly know how to recruit, thus this process may be foreign to them, and may prove to be uncomfortable or difficult. These obstacles often push this process to take far longer than it should, leaving stress and forced multi-tasking in the wake.

Save money in the long run. While working with a professional comes with additional overhead costs, in contrast, the loss of profit found in hiring the wrong person can be staggering. The U.S. Department of Labor estimated that in 2013 the average cost of a bad hiring decision can equal 30% of the individual’s first year potential earnings. That means that an annual income of $50,000 can be a potential $15,000 loss for the employer. In 2010, Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos, estimated his own bad hires to have cost the company well over $100 Million. Outsourcing your hiring to a professional increases the chances that your newest employee will be a good fit culturally, and will have the specific skills and experience needed.

Allow time, commitment and expertise to be dedicated to this task. Hiring a professional whose sole responsibility and specific skill set lies in finding the ideal candidate guarantees great results. A hiring professional will often have a higher level of expertise related to job knowledge, employment trends and recruitment practices because this is their profession. They will also have a network and database with candidates that they call on.

Eliminate potential disarray of staff morale and productivity. A bad hire can have lasting negative impact on morale and productivity. Current employees invest personal time, energy and care into training someone new and it can be frustrating and exhausting to find they have no future with the company. Investing in the recruiting services of a hiring professional allows for a more specific search; meaning a hiring professional can help you identify the exact candidate your business needs, lowering the chances of hiring a bad fit. A hiring professional helps you identify the specific talent, experience, skill and personality traits that will fit your niche.

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