5 Disadvantages of Job Hopping

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The job market is not what it once was.

Workers no longer stay with the same firm for the entirety of their careers. They rarely make it to the five-year mark before moving on.

The transient nature of today’s worker would probably be perceived as indicative of an unreliable worker to previous generations.

Like everything in life, job hopping has its benefits and its downsides.

Read more to discover 5 disadvantages of job hopping.

1. Difficult Forming Relationships

When you present a resume to an employer that shows a lot of short-term jobs, they might want to hire you for your vast and varied experience. On the other hand, they may be wary of investing too much in you. They might be wary of offering top compensation or other benefits such as a pension plan.

2. Diminished Job Security

If you have a track record of changing jobs once every two to three years, your employer might start interviewing candidates for your position around that time. Since they see a record of job-hopping, they might try to protect their interests by hiring a new employee before you have the opportunity to start your job search. You might also find that your name is at the top of the list if a company goes through a round of layoffs.

3. Lower Raises

Many workers see changing jobs as a great way to get a raise. They move around from job to job, expecting a salary increase with each move.

While you may be successful in attaining a salary increase upon signing a new employee contract, you might find that down the road your raises are less than stellar. Your employer may be expecting you to submit a resignation after a few years, so will try to maximize the work you can provide without providing more compensation.

4. Risk Hurting Your Professional Status

It is important to build professional relationships in any field and job hopping can sometimes damage those relationships. When you job hop, you run the risk of burning bridges in your industry. If you are in a medium or smaller-sized market, this might haunt you in the future.

5. Jack-of-All-Trades

When an employer sees that your resume includes a broad range of experience and knowledge of many different skills and technologies, they may be impressed – at first. On reflection, you might be seen as a jack-of-all-trades, but a master of none. This becomes problematic when an employer is looking for the skills you honed three jobs ago, but which may have dulled in the interim.

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