5 Signs it May be Time to Change Careers

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These days, the work environment is in constant flux.

New technologies are constantly springing up and we are perpetually faced with new options and opportunities. People no longer take a job at a single company and then stay there for the duration of their work lives, they move to new companies and sometimes to whole new industries.

This post will take a look at 5 signs that it may be time to change careers.

1. Financial Stagnation– If you have not received a substantial pay increase in several years, it may be time to consider finding a new position. The world is constantly getting more expensive and it is important to stay apace of inflation. It may be the case that your chosen profession has built-in salary caps, and if so, you may need to start looking around for other opportunities.

2. Physical Constraints– If your career requires lots of physical exertion; you won’t be able to keep pace with heavy lifting or pulling forever. See if there are supervisory positions available. If not, assess the skills you have gathered and see how they might translate into a new career. You may find a new application of your old abilities.

3. Field No Longer Relevant- Remember VCRs? Well, you might, but it is doubtful that you can still find a repairman to work on one. Many careers have been made irrelevant by the advent of new technologies. If your career is too dependent on a specific technology, look into continuing education or training programs to help facilitate your next big move once your current job field is outdated.

4. Geography- Your spouse just got a dynamite job in the Midwest, but you’re an ocean lifeguard. Well, it may be time to look into a new career. A change in geography- where you’re living now and where you’re moving to, can make certain career choices obsolete or irrelevant. Once you assess your accumulated skills and experience, you will find how easy and rewarding it can be to change into a new field that better suits your new locale.

5. Happiness- We’re only on this Earth once, so it is important to find the career that will make you the happiest. If you find that you are less than satisfied with the work you do, it may be time to assess your true motivations and what will make you the happiest. When you start in a career that you really love, you are likely to find that you advance faster, do better work, and make more money. It may sound selfish, but if you are only chasing a paycheck you aren’t doing anyone any favors by staying in a stagnant career.

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