3 Tips for Attracting Millennials to Work for Your Company

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Millennials belong to a generation that has been fully surrounded and immersed in technology.

Also known as “Generation X,” they are often defined as being tech-savvy, diverse, and the largest demographic of singles in the nation. Therefore, if you wish for your company to be cutting edge and racking stellar profits, you should consider hiring individuals from this group.

Here are 3 tips for attracting Millennials to work for your company.


According to the Council of Economic Advisors, white, non-Hispanics only made up for 58% of Millennials (ages 15 to 34) in 2012. This is 20 percent lower compared to the demographics in 1980.

This staggering trend reflects the need and acceptance of diversity in the workplace. Not only is diversity a matter of political correctness, but it’s good business practice for your company to reflect the realities around it.

Furthermore, a large percentage of this generation are first-generation Americans. As such, they are more likely to know more than one language. This skillset can be a great benefit to your company, especially when appealing to a wider target audience.

Appeal to Authenticity

Not always eager to pursue a career in a big brand business, Millennials tend to make their decision after reviewing a wide range of choices.

For example, the new generation has been raised with a variety of blue jean choices, so they think little of brand names and are more interested in the intrinsic qualities of their pants. Therefore, when you look to attract them to your company, you will find that they are far more likely to be interested in the details and fundamental value of working for you above your corporate name or even reputation.

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Appeal to their Intellectual Strengths

Older millennials, ages 26-33, are also the best-educated generation yet.

A third of all millennials have a college degree or better. This means they are likely to demand challenging positions where they can apply their knowledge. They are more likely to be intrigued by a real set of job duties over a flashy title.

Furthermore, they are all likely saddled with crippling student loan debt, so they will also be looking for higher salaries to help pay off their financial burdens.

If you want these smart young people on your team, you will need to attract them through appeals to their intellect, their penchant for looking past superficial labels, and by offering a socially and linguistically diverse workplace.

Millennials represent the future of society and business, so try to look past the negative stereotypes and see the many positives that this generation brings to the table.


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