3 Recruiting Strategies That Work

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Talented and reliable employees are vital to every business. However, finding and attracting employees who both share your vision and can help achieve success for your company can be exhausting.

Here discuss 3 successful recruiting strategies for finding qualified talent.

Recruiting Seasoned Professionals

If you are looking for seasoned professionals, you will likely need to wrest them from their current positions. These pros can be identified by getting to know others in their company or even by talking to their their clients and customer who can make referrals. Using this referral method, you can begin to form a more objective view of a candidate prior to inviting them to interview.

Hiring seasoned professionals usually requires “headhunting” – the process of seeking out potential candidates and convincing them to participate in the recruitment process. In marketing terms, this is more of a push strategy than a pull strategy.

These recruitment techniques can be used to fill positions at all levels of the corporate ladder. The extra effort will pay of down when line when you have a team full of the very best employees possible for your organization.

Screen for the Best Fit

To find the candidates with the best fit for your company, create a list of comparable companies. Look at factors such as market cap and industry classification, but also analyze mission statements and assess their overall vision and values. You can then begin to target the top talent in those companies.

Once you have identified the best talent and have begun the interview process, you can use personality tests to see how they will fit with our corporate culture. You can also craft your interview questions to focus on workplace behaviors and inner motivations.


To tap the next generation of top talent, offer internships to college students. You can offer a modest salary or stipend in return for a period of mutual education and service. Your office will enjoy having young talent to assist with projects, and you will have the opportunity to get to know how well they work in your company.

You can interview and screen interns in much the same way you might any other professional. Since they likely won’t have much in the way of references or experience, you can rely more heavily on personality inventories and behavioral interviews.


Lori Rush of Rush Recruiting & HR is an experienced HR consultant in helping small- and medium-sized businesses recruit, hire, train, and motivate employees for long-term success. Learn more about our Recruiting Services here.

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