How to Create a Successful Startup Recruiting Strategy

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Starting a successful new business can be one of the most exciting chapters in your career. You get to show the world your skills and solve problems for people in new and exciting ways. But to launch your venture, you will also need to depend on a core group of teammates who will help bring your vision to life.

These employees will be vital in getting your product or service off the ground and into the hands of the consumer. That’s why it’s crucial that they are not only exceptionally talented but also have the grit and perseverance necessary to navigate uncertain paths. In this post, we will cover 4 elements of successful startup recruiting strategies:

  • Hire for Diversity
  • Seek out Experience & Wisdom
  • Don’t Overlook Recent Grads
  • Use Online Tools (the Right Way)


Hire for Diversity

You’re creating a brand-new entity in the business world, so seek out a team that is comfortable flexing their expertise across the board. Specifically, you’ll want to find leaders who specialize in one area but understand the roles each of their teammates play.

Candidates who have eclectic backgrounds work very well in startup environments. Unafraid of limitations, these individuals will find the quickest way to solve problems. However, don’t confuse these employees with persistent job hoppers. While job hopping isn’t necessarily a bad thing, your first employees need to be committed to the vision of your company and not their resumes.

The more diverse your team is, the more you’ll be able to accomplish together. Be sure to still keep your business niche in mind, though. For example, a life coach might not be able to make helpful contributions to a tech product. On the other hand, a designer could help produce both packaging and graphical interfaces.


Seek out Experience & Wisdom

It might be tempting to swoop up young college graduates and call it a day. However, most successful startups are comprised mainly of industry veterans.

Yes, experienced employees will come at a greater cost (or company equity). But it is these employees who will bring unmeasurable wisdom to your vision and help create a product you alone may not have ever imagined. Often these teammates will have previous experience leading new projects or even working on their own startups. They’ll also come with valuable industry connections, which may end up saving you costs down the road.

And yes, it is much more difficult to discover these candidates. But with networking and passionate pitching, your effort will pay off.


Don’t Overlook Recent Grads 

While more important roles should go to experienced professionals, recent grads bring ambition and cultural diversity perfectly suited for startups. Younger employees might also be willing to take a lower salary in exchange for an equity stake or a healthy bonus package. In return, you are offering them the business experience of a lifetime: starting an enterprise from the ground up. Once they have helped you create your business, they will be light years ahead of their cohorts who took jobs with established companies.

Have them join you in pursuing alumni networks or visiting their alma maters to recruit in person. Successful recruiting strategies hinge on the ability to sell potential employees on your ideas and a future full of possibilities –what better way to persuade them than through their own peers!


Use Online Recruiting Tools (the Right Way)

If you want the best, you need to focus your efforts. While posting a few ZipRecruiter and Craigslist ads might indeed land you some good candidates, you will also need to sort through countless junk resumes.

Instead, consider a more targeted approach. With tools like AngelList and LinkedIn, you can seek out qualified candidates on your own and pitch them your passion. Targeted Facebook advertising can even be a worthwhile investment if you’re searching for very specific candidates.

Don’t resort to spamming, however. Instead, tailor your pitch to each candidate. Mention their unique work experience or one of their hobbies. Even if they aren’t interested, that positive connection can lead to recommendations or future value.


Startups need to be as lean and efficient as possible –which is why you should also consider outsourcing your HR. Rush Recruiting can take care of your HR needs so that you can focus on growing your vision. Contact us today for a consultation.

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