Top 6 Reasons to Hire a Career Coach

 In Human Resources

You need more than a job. You need a career. How do you turn your current job into a career? Even if you’re not in your chosen field, can your present occupation benefit your long-term aspirations? A career coach can help you sort through many issues and keep you on track to achieve your goals. Take a look at these six great reasons to hire a career coach.

1. The corporate landscape is not what it once was. The days of a 20+  year tenure with the same company are dwindling. With so many different standards among different companies, it is hard to know what moves will best benefit you in the long run. Do you go for management now or do you hold back and gain more experience in the field? A career coach can help you see the big picture of your field and how your personal goals can be best realized within that landscape.

2. Positivity. Your coach is, by definition, on your team. So often our friends and loved ones want to see us safe and secure so they may be negative when we start talking about changing jobs. Additionally, they may not see potential in a new, burgeoning industry. A coach will be behind you telling you to go for it if that decision does make rational sense. A coach is there to back you up, and to be your cheerleader.

3. Meets You Where You’re At. If you are in a junior level position and aiming for the top, you can find a coach who can meet you at that level. They may be proficient with handling conflicts and other issues, which may arise for executives at your stage of development. With the proper grooming, you will be able to move on to the next tier of your career. When that happens you may need to find a new coach or your present coach may be the one to root you on for your entire journey.

4. You Believe in Yourself. Every top athlete and executive has a support team backing them up. You are no different. When you hire a career coach, you are investing in your future. Many will try to do it on their own, and that’s their business, but with help and support you can reach even higher.

5. Employer Paid. There are some employers who can see the value of a career coach and they may help you pay for the service. The more you succeed the more they will benefit, so this modest investment will pay off in spades for everyone. Speak with your supervisor or HR department to see how your company can help you soar.

6. Get out of Your Own Way. Almost everyone has habits or fears that can hold them back. A career coach will help you identify the self-created roadblocks you may have become blind to. Your coach is on your side to help you maximize your potential and to break down those roadblocks.

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