Using Social Media Responsibly to Recruit New Employees

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Social media has become a normal medium for businesses to market their products and services. Some of the more prominent platforms include Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

You can also utilize social media for recruitment purposes. However, it’s important to be using social media responsibly when recruiting new employees. Irresponsible conduct could negatively damage one’s career or company’s reputation. The consequences could be minor, but only when proper steps are taken to clean up or apologize for any mistakes.

Here are 5 professional tips for using social media responsibly to recruit new employees.

Lead Generation

Often recruiters seek candidates from their client’s competitors. The workers are likely doing similar jobs and generally have the experience needed to fill a position. With social media, one can search out employees of those companies and connect with them.

Try to be as transparent as possible when searching in this way. Let new contacts know that you are a recruiter and what firm you represent. You might not want to divulge your client until later, but be forthright as to your intentions.

Use Appropriate Imagery

For recruiting, you might try to enhance the fun aspects of your corporate culture with images of employees having fun at corporate outings. However, you will want to avoid pictures that depict drinking or any illicit behavior. You want to portray a fun image, but also one that is responsible and healthy.

It’s wise to avoid sharing any information that may be considered misleading, such as promising specific benefits or salary information. Also, refrain from trash talking and inappropriate language or humor.

Keep your Message Neutral

Avoid using your social media account to express social, political or deeply personal opinions.

This one is up to you, but it is important to realize that if your opinion is unpopular, then it might well become “viral” and become a net negative for not only recruiting but PR as well. When you stick to the good work you are doing for your customers, you are always in a safe zone. Approach any controversial issues with great care, and consider other avenues for expressing unpopular opinions.

Use Only Valid Candidate Information

Since some candidates leave behind a lot of personal information on social media, make your hiring team aware of what information can and cannot be used in a hiring decision.

Try to avoid considering a candidate’s delicate information such as his or her race, gender, or sexual orientation when conducting a search. It may be helpful to conduct sensitivity training for your recruiting team, as it is difficult to avoid finding out certain facts. With the right training and experience, a measure of awareness and objectivity will help keep the process open to all.

Inform the Candidate

Use legitimate means to collect information via social media.

If you are taking a look at a candidate, let them know that you will be evaluating their social media accounts, and be specific regarding your intent. Let them know if which accounts you might look at and stick to only those.

Also, use legitimate accounts that are either identified as your company or your representative. Try to be as transparent in this regard. Avoid setting up phony accounts for the purpose of coaxing information from candidates or otherwise checking up on them.

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