Why Glassdoor Reviews Are Important For Your Business

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The Internet is rife with review sites these days. Yelp, Angie’s List, and Google are examples of sites retail customers review before purchasing a new product or service. A bad review on one of these can mean a significant loss of sales, while an abundance of good reviews will be a boon, especially to a locally owned business.

For job seekers, Glassdoor has become the go-to site for researching potential employers. While the news is full of warnings for job seekers who might post controversial content on social media, potential employers should also be subject to the same scrutiny. This post will show why Glassdoor reviews are crucial for your business.

We will discuss the following:

  • How Glassdoor Can Enhance Recruitment
  • Negative Glassdoor Reviews, Positive Results?
  • Is Glassdoor Here to Stay?


How Glassdoor Can Enhance Recruitment

When your company advertises an open position, it may be difficult to sum up the full scope of a job in a single ad. Or, you might not find the specific language that will reach your best potential employees. When employees post on Glassdoor, job seekers can get a real inside view of the job and your company. Ideally, this will make the job all the more attractive to your best candidates.

Additionally, you might refer to the reviews on Glassdoor to see how former employees perceived their positions with you. This will provide additional insight into how to craft your job descriptions. You may also find that the specific position needs a few tweaks so that it fulfills the business goals you have for it.


Negative Glassdoor Reviews, Positive Results?

Even negative Glassdoor reviews can work to your advantage (sometimes). It’s possible, even likely, that most bad reviews will come from disgruntled employees who had unreasonable expectations or who wish to exact revenge even though they were in the wrong. However, some bad reviews can provide an opportunity for change and growth within your company.

While they are almost always hard to hear, negative Glassdoor reviews can reveal some uncomfortable truths about your company. When you find the negative reviews, read them with care. Even the hot-headed reviews. Look at what these former employees are saying. If they mention specific things, such as compensation and benefits, pay attention. The more specific the complaint, the more likely it is that the reviewer has a grain of truth in what she is saying.

Glassdoor can open opportunities for self-reflection. In fact, Forbes hosted a guest post by one executive who was willing to share his experience with negative reviews. He wrote about how he was able to rise above his initial reaction to a bad review to integrate the feedback and thus improve his company.


Is Glassdoor Here to Stay?

Surveys have shown that almost half of job seekers use Glassdoor at some point in their job hunt. This means that Glassdoor is here for the long haul, particularly in the Millennial sector. If you want young, fresh talent, then Glassdoor is something to be aware of and use to your advantage. It’s the new normal in recruitment. The importance of reviews, both negative and positive, cannot be overstated.

If the site shows negative reviews of your company, take the time to respond to them with care. Glassdoor allows employers the opportunity to answer criticisms and thus address the concerns of negative reviewers and provide positive responses to the positive posts. Take time to craft your responses. Spend the time it takes to put your best foot forward. There is a lot of evidence showing that hasty Internet posts yield less-than-positive results.


Make Glassdoor Work to Your Advantage

Rush Recruiting is Portland’s best resource for recruiting and human resources consulting. Our specialists can help you work with both positive and negative Glassdoor reviews to optimize them in your recruiting, and human resources, efforts. Contact us today!

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