Why a Mobile Friendly Application Process is More Important Than Ever

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Every day, mobile devices take a larger and larger share of the web-browsing traffic. People are shopping, checking for movie times, downloading apps, and even using LinkedIn on their mobile phones and tablets. For that reason, if you want to recruit the top talent available, it’s imperative to have a mobile friendly application.

If you know people are spending a large majority of their time on mobile devices, why not take advantage of this opportunity? Ensuring your website is mobile friendly and has a mobile-friendly job application will help to increase your odds of securing your next new hire! Here is what we have learned from having companies move in this direction:

  • Attract a Wider Candidate Pool
  • It’s What Job Candidates Want and Expect
  • Mobile Friendly Applications are Quick & Efficient
  • The Future of the Job Market is Mobile Job Applications

Attract a Wider Candidate Pool

To find the very best candidates, you’ll need to cast a wide net. Nearly everyone has a mobile device that is being used to access the internet. This is why having a mobile-friendly application ensures that you reach all the best potential recruits.

Your mobile-friendly job application can have many uses. It might be a simple screening device with a few questions. You and potential candidates can begin to determine if the position is a good fit.

Screening questions such as relative experience, education, or salary requirements can easily fit a mobile screen, be quickly answered, and provide you with a group that can be invited to complete a full application.

The application can also be a simplified version of your usual one. If mobile users can access it, easily fill it out, and submit it on their phones, the potential for submissions will have an upward trend. Knowing the purpose of your mobile job application will help you understand how designed and presentation makes a difference to mobile users.

It’s What Job Candidates Want and Expect

8 out of 10 of the web-browsing public increasingly expects that websites be mobile friendly. This large percentage of people and potential job applicants need consideration.

With this percentage expected to grow over the next few years, having a mobile friendly website and job application is imperative in order to stay relevant. If a potential applicant visits your site and your job application is not mobile friendly, they will go elsewhere. The lost potential could be astonishing and make hiring new employees difficult.  

Mobile Friendly Applications are Quick & Efficient

Having a mobile job application means that your recruits can access it from anywhere. People are busy and have decreasing attention spans. Making your mobile-friendly application quick and efficient will help ensure that potential candidates stay interested and click the submit button.

For example, if you’re trying to recruit a top executive, put yourself in their shoes. They are probably busy with their current job, life, and potentially travel, making their free time precious. Creating a mobile-friendly job application that is simple and quick, will provide them with the ability to fill it out while they are on the go.

The speed and efficiency of mobile-friendly applications is their chief benefit, especially in today’s hectic business environment. When candidates are able to access your application from virtually anywhere via a mobile device, they’ll be able to fit it in during down-times in their day.

The Future of the Job Market is Mobile Job Applications

To stay competitive in today’s business environment, you need a mobile job application. If a candidate discovers a job opening on their LinkedIn app, being prepared with a mobile-friendly application automatically puts you in the running.

Mobile devices are the wave of the future, and that includes all aspects of the recruiting process. When you have a mobile application ready for your candidate, they’ll know that your company is keeping track of current trends and that your company is actively interested in the hiring process. Keeping up with trends in technology will help you stay competitive amongst your business peers.

Learn How Rush Recruiting & HR Can Help

Rush Recruiting & HR can help you implement your mobile recruiting strategy. As Portland’s premier HR consultant, we understand how important it is to stay up to date with the hiring process.

Feel free to call us today to set up an appointment or contact us through our website. We are here to assist with all your recruiting needs.

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