Career Services FAQ

Trying to find a new job is hard. Let the experts at Rush Recruiting help you tailor your resume for the career you want and make sure your interviewing skills are on-point so you can make a good impression at every touch point.

What should be in a cover letter OR Do I need to have a cover letter?

Yes, to make the most impact and be seriously considered for a position you need to have a cover letter  specifically written for each position you are applying for. Your cover letter should highlight your relevant skills and accomplishments that most closely align with the job requirements.

Will you help me get a job?

We give you the tools you need to effectively conduct your job search. As well as offer you consistent accountability check-ins to keep you on track, enabling you to be successful at finding and getting a job you’re excited about.  However, we cannot guarantee you will be hired for a specific position you’re applying for or that you will be hired within a certain amount of time.

Why do I need to have keywords and phrases in my resume?

The job search landscape has changed. Recruiters are often using staffing programs that find and match resumes to positions based on the keywords and phrases in the resume.

We can help you find out what terms are being used for particular jobs or industries, and help you write your resume to be correctly sorted for recruiters using this software.

Will you write my resume for me or is this just a consultation?

We offer a wide range of resume services and packages. We can review and provide expert feedback on your existing resume, or we can help you write a new one from scratch that highlights your skills for a specific position or industry.

How much does it cost?

Pricing varies widely depending on your needs. We offer 1-hour consultations at $150.

Resumes, cover letters and resources start at  $129. Interviewing training starts at $399.

Please contact us for detailed information regarding pricing and services for our Job Seeker packages. We’re sure to help you find a package or resources that fits your circumstances.

How quickly can I get a resume?

Our resume process typically takes 2-3 weeks once the completed questionnaire and homework is received.

Will you (a Rush Recruiting & HR representative) come and meet me in person?

All in-person job seekers services are conducted at our offices. We also conduct meetings by phone or via Skype.

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