Employers FAQ

Finding the right person for your company or creating necessary HR resources is a time consuming process, but are essential to get right for the success of your business. Let the experts at Rush Recruiting and HR help you fill your staffing and HR needs without adding tons to your workload.

How much does it cost, how is your fee structure set up?

Pricing varies for specific  HR projects, please contact us with information about your Human Resources needs to receive detailed pricing. A fifty percent down payment is due at the date of agreement, and the remaining fifty percent is due a the completion of our contract.

For hiring services we do not adhere to the traditional fees associated with professional recruiters. We simply charge at our hourly rate ($150) for search-time and any materials used, rather than charging a percentage of a new hire’s salary.  You can contact us with your specific needs and we can provide a quote for your personal project!

What happens if the person we hire does not work out?

At Rush Recruiting and HR we stand by our screening and selection process offering a 90-day guarantee on all new hires. If your selected candidate is terminated within 90 days of their hire we will offer our recruiting services for another round at half of the original fee.

Will you (a Rush Recruiting & HR representative) come and meet me in person?

Yes, for recruiting and HR Projects we will meet with you and/or your team to discuss the company culture, mission, and skills needed for the position.

All other meetings such as candidate interviews are held at Rush Recruiting & HR or can be conducted via phone or skype. Minimizing travelling time for Rush Recruiting representatives will help keep your recruiting costs low. Our HR services are available for out-of-state employers and candidates. You can read more about our remote HR sevices here

Why should I outsource my recruiting? Why can’t I just do this myself?

Hiring the right people to work in your company is essential for its long-term success. Especially for small businesses who tend to run lean and may need their employees to perform a wide range of duties.

Recruiting takes many hours to find, screen, interview and hire the right fit for your business. Ask yourself, “what is my time worth?”. Outsourcing your recruiting and hiring process gives you the time to work on growing your business and ensures an expert is conducting your hiring process.


We have a family operation, how do you get a great candidate from outside our family?

Many times, family operations hire a cousin, a neighbor, a brother, even if that person is not particularly qualified, because they are worried about hiring outside of the family. They wonder, ‘how can someone not in our family care about our business the same way we do?’

We know this is a huge concern and we make sure to find candidates who are willing to roll up their sleeves and  work hard, with a “can do” attitude.   We take the time to understand your family business dynamics, outline your standards and company values in order to find the best candidate for your team.

How do you find someone who is the right fit?

We know it is very important, particularly in a small or family business, that you get an employee who ‘fits in’ with your current team members and office culture.

We conduct detailed interviews with you and your staff to get to know everything about your business. We pride ourselves in our ability to immerse ourselves in your work-culture and find the right person that will fit right in with your current work environment.