Employee Training and Orientation Materials

According to a 2019 industry report by Training Magazine, small business owners spend $1,511 and nearly 50 hours a year on average to train one employee. Whereas over the past three years, midsize and large companies have had lower training expenditures.

There is almost an unspoken truth to dedicating enough resources to employee learning to in turn produce a greater outcome for the company in the long haul. However, employee training is still an expense that can do more harm than good if not budgeted correctly.

At Rush Recruiting & HR, our human resources consultants provide you with the proper employee training and orientation materials necessary to prepare for the employee life cycle without going overboard on your budget.

Our employee training materials include:

  • Employee Handbooks
  • Orientation Materials
  • Effective Job Descriptions
  • Performance Management Tools
  • Employee Performance Evaluations
  • Onboarding and Termination Assistance
Three employees in a conference room listening to a training presentation.

Employee Handbooks for Smaller Businesses

Employee handbooks are designed to improve your work relations with your employees and be a reference tool. An integral component of your business success, a well-written handbook clearly states expectations, company culture, employee benefits, code of conduct, regulations, and other important policies that pertain to your organization.

Orientation Materials

Wishful thinking doesn’t guarantee that new hires will figure things out in the beginning. Instead, utilizing orientation materials that are both personal and meaningful can improve your employee’s understanding of their role, inside and outside of the organization. Some of the many other benefits include helping build rapport among their colleagues and supervisors and strengthening their performance and retention.

Effective Job Descriptions

Writing effective job descriptions is an essential part of hiring and managing your employees. These summaries attract qualified candidates for the position, define their roles and key responsibilities, and serve as a reference point for performance expectations, evaluation, and career advancement.

Performance Management Tools

Without a clear performance management process, expectations and feedback can be miscommunicated and company objectives can be revised incorrectly. Performance management tools ensure that you have the right documents and resources to effectively develop, measure, coach, and evaluate your employees based on their skills, competencies, and contributions to your organization.

Employee Performance Evaluations

Employee performance evaluations serve beyond the typical appraisal process by aligning an individual employee’s day-to-day actions with larger business objectives. By creating documentation to support compensation and career planning decisions, evaluations positively impact employee satisfaction, retention, and loyalty.

Onboarding and Termination Assistance

Are the essential functions of your business covered in the employee onboarding process? Do you need help addressing and preparing for financial and policy issues following a termination? Whether an employee is entering or exiting your company, your business needs to establish the guidelines and procedures necessary to welcome and guide new employees and minimize potential damages from terminated employees.

Is your business equipped with the proper employee training materials?

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