From the initial job posting to the onboarding process and everything in between, we provide award-winning services that meet all of your recruiting needs.


It is near impossible for a business owner to stay on top of the latest hiring practices while running and growing their business. Outsourcing your human resources can save you money, improve compliance and accuracy, alleviate stress, and allow you to focus on strategy.

Our Advantages

  • Strong emphasis on company culture and determination if the candidate a cultural fit

We find out your company’s culture through interviews and getting to know you, your business and what you are looking for, giving you peace of mind that your business will get someone qualified but who also ‘fits in.’

  • Certified in Behavioral Interviewing

These behavioral interviewing techniques allow us to get to know the candidate and to discern how they will react to various situations based on their responses to questions.

  • Fee-based structure

We offer a unique fee structure that is not based on the percentage of your new hire’s salary but is instead based on a search time and materials used model. This is unique in our industry and provides transparency across the board.

  • 90-day guarantee

If the person hired is terminated within 90 days, you can recruit again at half of the original fee.

Human Resources Services

  • Recruiting

Full service recruiting from job postings to interviewing final candidates.

  • Job Postings

Create job postings and outreach through proven networks.

  • Interviews

Will conduct phone interviews and in-depth, in-person interviews at Rush Recruiting & HR office location. For out-of-state candidates, virtual interviews will be conducted.

  • Candidate Presentation

Presents the company with the top candidates via summaries of interviews; we can even assist with final interviews.

  • Candidate Checks

Checking references and background checks are part of the package.

  • Company Trust

Ultimate decision on hiring is left to the trust of the company.

  • Making the Offer

Offer letter and negotiation assistance available.

  • Onboarding

Can also conduct onboarding and give advice on what training they need based on the job.

Is your workforce qualified to drive your organization forward?

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