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You’re Unique and So is Your Job Search.

Our methodology is simple yet effective:

  1. We help you develop the message (create an outstanding resume together)
  2. Communicate that message (via a solid job search strategy)
  3. Better prepare job seekers for applications and interviews (develop and sharpen your interviewing skills)
We first get to know you, your values, what is important to you, what type of position you seek and the environment in which you will thrive. We help you to recognize your strengths and skills, and craft a plan for you from the items below, modifying them to suit your specific situation and needs.

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Resume Development:
General and Job Specific

If you are unhappy with your resume or are not certain it is working for you, we will help you recognize your unique skill set, and develop a solid, high-performance resume designed to communicate who you are and most importantly what you can do for a prospective employer.

JOB-SPECIFIC OPTION: Have a targeted job, industry or company that you are interested in or where you want to apply? We offer a job specific resume and cover letter package or you have the option to just get whichever one you need. Learn how to modify your basic resume by using key words and phrases to ensure your resume is seen and reviewed by the decision-makers. This option includes a cover letter template and instructions on how to make your cover letter job specific.


In these sessions we will prepare you to embrace each interviewing technique and situation from the phone interview to face-to-face interviews with single audiences or with interview teams. We will coach you to recognize the reasons why the interviewer is asking the question, what they really want to know and how to best provide the answer. Includes practice interview.

Are you an active job seeker that has an interview coming up? Prepare for your job specific interview with position-specific and company-specific questions. We include practice for anticipated questions that may be asked.

Customized, Comprehensive Plan

If you were recently laid off or left your position, been away from the work force for a period of time, or a new graduate, this is the perfect option for you. This includes a professionally developed resume, a job-specific resume and cover letter as well as job-specific interview preparation, development of a job search plan (including social media), and general interview preparation and practice. This option is fully customized to meet your specific goals and circumstances.