Leave Interview Anxiety in the Past with Interview Skills Training

Interviews are a necessary, and often, nerve-wracking part of a job search. Many jobseekers have a profound fear of interviews, which often stems from a fear of public speaking. But how you prepare and conduct yourself in your interview shows a prospective employer how you will conduct yourself in the position.

If you want to land a job, you must learn how to present yourself confidently and give thoughtful, practiced responses that show your passion and expertise. With help from a Rush Recruiting & HR interview coach, anyone can learn to remain calm, confident and impress a hiring manager during an interview.

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Our Approach to Interview Coaching

The interview skills training process consists of the three following primary components:

  • Practice – Without practice, it can be hard to perform well during an interview. As the old saying goes “practice makes perfect,” and when you feel adequately prepared, you are far less likely to become nervous and stumble over your response. Practicing out loud, multiple times, is key.
  • Constructive Feedback – Practice is necessary, but without constructive feedback and criticism, it can be difficult to pinpoint your weak spots. We provide practical tips and constructive feedback so you can better understand your interview strengths and opportunities to improve. If we identify an area you need improvement in, we’ll help you address it prior to the actual interview.
  • STAR Interviewing – STAR Behavioral Interviewing Techniques were designed to help individuals succeed during interviews and to allow the job seeker to share, succinctly, specific examples of how they solved problems and improved the organization. Rush Recruiting & HR is fully certified in STAR Behavioral Interviewing Techniques.

With help from our interview coaches, you can increase your confidence and ability to give high-quality responses to a wide variety of interview questions that will help you stand out from the competition.

When you work with us, you will attend a series of mock interviews to help you prepare in a life-like setting. Whether you’re near our Portland location, or out of state, all our interview training and mock interviews are available remotely. Our professionals take their jobs very seriously and always strive to provide you with recommendations and feedback throughout the process. During this time, we will help you develop practice stories that convey your professional skills, accomplishments and abilities. We take a comprehensive approach to interview preparation, and you will receive coaching in a variety of areas, including what to wear as well as when and how to follow up with the interviewer.

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Learn How to Improve Interview Skills Quickly

There is far more to an exceptional interview than simply answering questions. We can also help you correct your body language to appear as professional, confident and calm as possible. Our interview coaches have a deep understanding of commonly asked questions, and we can help you craft memorable responses your interviewer won’t be able to forget.

We understand that different job seekers from different professional backgrounds and industries have different needs. We don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach to interview coaching, every client receives customized interview skills training. We also tackle questions job seekers dread to ensure you’re on-point during the entire interview process, and aren’t worrying about specific previous answers you provided to an interview question.

The professionals at Rush Interviewing & HR have extensive experience helping a wide range of job seekers from nearly every professional background possible including jobs in both the public and private sectors.

You Aren’t Alone

If you are nervous about interviewing, you aren’t alone. Interview anxiety is common, but you can take active steps to reduce it and perform well during job interviews. Learn how to improve your interview skills – get in touch with us today.