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The job landscape has shifted dramatically over the past several years, and so have job search strategies. An online presence, which may have been seen as detrimental to job prospects a decade ago, may now be one of the most essential factors in professional networking and building your career (is your LinkedIn page up to date?).

What makes a resume stand out may not be what you thought due to the way many companies, especially medium and large organizations, have changed how they’re reviewed. Instead of an HR team member pulling from a stack of paper resumes to read and review, software programs scan each document for job related keywords and send an automated email to a recruiter when it finds a match.

That’s where a career consultant from Rush Recruiting & HR steps in. Our job search strategies and resume tips can provide direction to even the most bewildered job seeker. We focus on individuals, to help build foundational skills and application assets that support and highlight your unique experience and strengths. This way, you can confidently market yourself throughout your career.

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How a Rush Recruiting & HR Career Consultant Can Help

By making us your job search partner, you gain resume tips and job search strategies that will help you navigate today’s application process.

  • Our career consultants can provide feedback on resumes, strengthen interview skills, and help you develop confidence in presenting you and your one-of-a-kind skill set.
  • We believe in continual improvement and provide all documents as live Word documents so they can be adjusted, edited, and modified as needed.
  • Knowing the stress that can be involved in looking for a new job, we serve as both your coach and your cheerleader so you can stay motivated and positive.

  • We help you to build confidence, interviewing and interpersonal skills that will serve you throughout your career.

Job Seeker Services

We believe, above all else, in treating people as individuals. We don’t desire to make you or any other job seeker uncomfortable by providing one-size-fits-all advice. Instead, we want to get to know you. By listening to you and learning more about you, we’re able to uncover your unique strengths and accomplishments that deserve both praise and a place on your resume and give you added value.

We also provide resume tips, such as how to make edits to authentically market yourself for specific job postings and companies. By emphasizing your skills that fit that position and what a prospective employer is seeking, you can gain higher odds of landing an interview.

In fact, Rush Recruiting & HR provides services at all steps of the job seeker lifecycle:

  • Job search tactics

  • Networking best practices

  • Interview preparation and techniques

  • Determining which accomplishments to highlight based on a specific position that you are targeting.

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If you’re having trouble finding a job or are new to the search and looking to refresh your skills, make sure to contact a career consultant. Call us at 503-481-1285 or send us an email at We can help at any point in your job search to build the confidence and resources you need to get the job you want.