Start Your Job Search In The Right Way With A Quality Resume

Most recruiters and employers will tell you that the majority of resumes they see are just awful. People simply do not know how to put into words what they are good at, where their skills lie, and what they have done in previous positions. If you are a recent entrant into the job market, you may be more than a little rusty when it comes to creating a resume.

Our resume development process is one of our signature items available for job seekers. We craft resumes that encompass everything that you are and can do, ensuring that your resume presents confidence and strength and you can put your best face forward in your interviews.

If you have never had assistance in your job search, you may be apprehensive or even wonder if it is worth it to use a team approach when applying for jobs. Here are some advantages to utilizing our expertise:

Here are some of the features of our resume development program:

  • We establish a strong collaboration with the client. There are several opportunities for us discuss your needs, learn more about you, and apply what we know to your resume.
  • We have a trusted process that is personalized for you. We do not use cookie-cutter resumes. Each resume is specific to you, your desired industry, jobs you are applying for and more.
  • We develop keyword targeted resumes than can be customized for each job so prospective employers can actually find you online.
  • Your resumes are sent to you in a Word document so you can make changes as you wish, not a PDF.
  • We strive to recognize and showcase skills and accomplishments on your resume.
  • You will get help articulating your skills and abilities in a way prospective employers will understand.
Job seeker updating his resume on a laptop at a desk.

Resume Process & Services


  • Meet with Rush Recruiting & HR and then receive ‘homework’ and questionnaires. These are used to develop the content of your resume and cover letter.
  • There is collaboration to acquire needed information, but Rush Recruiting & HR does the resume writing for you.
  • Most resumes take 2-3 weeks to develop once the completed questionnaire and homework is received.
  • You will have a master resume that you will know how to customize for each job you apply for if you choose the job specific option.


  • Resume development and Writing
  • Job Specific Resume
  • Cover Letters
  • Resume Review and Consult